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vcc visa card generator how do people make fake id

2022-04-26 12:44:58
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vcc visa card generator how do people make fake id

The anonymous underground artistry of fake IDs


  Fake IDs are an art form born out of necessity, and their muse? Senator Frank R. Lautenberg from New Jersey. In an act meant to combat drunk driving in the United States in 1984, Lautenberg raised the drinking age from 18 to 21. The Prohibition Era showed us laws that take away a person’s access to alcohol won’t necessarily deter them from getting it anyways, so it makes sense that Lautenberg’s bill only served to create the fake ID market. There are genuine concerns regarding this rise in false identification, but underage college students just trying to have a good time maybe shouldn’t have been this country’s first priority.

  The art of creating a fake ID is an elusive one — as the popularity of the false ID grew, so did state precautions. IDs may have everything from a fun bear outline when a light is shined on it to a fun “tricolor image of a bridge on the front that appears and disappears when viewed from different from different angles.” These characteristics are meant to make an ID harder to copy, and they do, but some see these simply as obstacles to overcome on their way to a night on the town.

  While it may seem a daunting task to make your own ID, no one ever became a renowned artist by being scared. The art of the fake ID is an untapped source of inspiration. If Billy McFarland was able to copy his debit card magnetic strip onto a piece of steel, successfully making your own fake ID is probably not too crazy of a dream

vcc visa card generator how do people make fake id

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