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ny driver’s license lost Fake ID for hotel room?

2022-04-13 09:46:59
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ny driver’s license lost Fake ID for hotel room?

Fake ID for hotel room?

  I worked as a front desk manager for a few years and was told that we had to ask for an ID by law. I don’t know why or if it is a law. I never looked at check-in because I didn’t really care, unless you paid with cash and then I wanted to know where to send collections if you didn’t cover everything with cash.

  We had to ask for an ID if someone came up and asked if they could get a key for room X or so ‘n so’s room. There were many times where people would go to the bar during conventions and guys would try to get a key to a female’s room with only her name or room number to follow her up after she made a run from the bar. I think we were just covering our own ass by labeling it “against the law not to ask for ID” when we really just didn’t want to be sued for allowing a rape or murder to happen.

  The real problems would happen when a wife would keep her maiden name and a husband would be refused a key due to not having the same name. This happened quite often. I had a problem once when a wife trying to leave her husband and was staying in the hotel and the husband would show up at odd hours and demand a key. If people didn’t know the situation, they would think that the same last name and address was enough to give him a key.

ny driver’s license lost Fake ID for hotel room?

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